Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaner

There are many things to consider when looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs. Here is just a few things that you will need to consider.

First, you’ll need to consider exactly what type of carpet cleaner is best for you. Do you want a steam vacuum or will a shampoo model be better? There are benefits in both choices so let’s go through them to see which one will be the best carpet cleaner for you.

Steam vacuum cleaners use hot water and cleaning solutions converted into a steam jet which can penetrate deep into the pile of a carpet. When used in conjunction with various brushes and hoses that come with the vacuum cleaner, you can be sure that dirt is dislodged from the base of the pile, brought to the surface, and then cleaned away by the vacuum. The attachments can also assist in directing streams of steam into more stubborn stains thereby giving an excellent result.

Carpet shampoo cleaners also use cleaning agents and can be more useful for particular types of carpets. For example it is possible to use specially developed anti-mould cleaners or even deodorizers to remove pet smells, for specific applications. One of the benefits of using carpet shampoo is that it usually can be left to dry overnight and by morning it will have disappeared and your carpet will look brand-new.

Although both of the above will work well in most household situations there will be times when you need to call in the big guns. That means a professional cleaner who will have access to a range of powerful equipment, special formula cleanses and attachments and processes that will target particular problem areas. For commercial premises this is an obvious solution, but can be a great backup option even for the home.

After you have decided which type of carpet cleaner is best for you, you’ll be left with the decision as to which brand and model. Naturally you not only have to consider the specifications of the cleaner but also your budget.